Hi I’m Mel and I own the inky hands behind the Mighty Mind Circus. Nice to meet you. 

I started illustrating again after a 15 year hiatus because, well, I wanted to. Much to the dismay of my art teachers. 

I took a wondering path through many different art disciplines including photography, Screen printing, jewellery making, life drawing, and some of my ultimate favourites -calligraphy, letter press. 

I am self trained in illustration and attended many courses over the years to develop my ideas and learn the ropes. 

The paths I've taken have always lead me back to writing and illustrating. As a child I would rush home on a Friday evening after school and sit at my second hand typewriter to type up new ideas for stories. I lived prodominantly in my own imagination so the stories would be frequent and furiuosly typed. Once I was done I pull the sheets of paper from my typewriter and illustrate them with my own characters. So, I guess, the 6 year old version of me always knew what she wanted, and although I've gone on a winding path to realise her dreams - she would be proud that I have come back to my craft after all these years.

So please enjoy - or not - it's totally up to you, the scratchy world of the Mighty Mind Circus and all it's creations.

If you fancy a chat or would like to enquire about any of the works you see on this site or indeed, creating an original piece, please don't be shy - contact me! (hyperlink to email address or the contact page)

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