I'm a London based illustration and lettering artist who promotes mindfulness through art.


I usually work in watercolour, brush pens, pencils and inks but have been known to spice things up with gouache, pastels, even crayons from time to time.

My prints are all giclée (gee-clay) using a 1440dpi printing technique on minimum 300gsm paper. What does that even mean? The prints in my shop are of a very high quality. The detailing of each stoke of the brush is captured and the colours are brilliantly reproduced. My prints are produced on heavy paper too so, in some ways, they're even better than the originals that live in my sketchbooks. That was painful to admit - but there you go.

Services I provide include:

  • private commissions

  • window design 

  • prints

  • lettering and illustration workshops

  • 1-2-1 tutorials

  • hand lettered greeting cards

  • illustrated greeting cards

  • free downloadable colouring in sheets 

Contact me at info@themightymindcircus.com for more information - I'd love to work with you. #ArtForAll