We all need this reminder from Tobias.  Progress is non-linear but it's still progress. look into his buggy eyes and appreciate yourself.


An encouraging note for any classroom or a workspace to let you know that you're doing great...keep going!





A2 "Tobias says PROGRESS" poster

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VAT Included
  • A3  Giclee print on heavy gloss paper.

    My prints are all giclée (gee-clay) using a 1440dpi printing technique on minimum 300gsm paper. What does that even mean? The prints in my shop are of a very high quality. The detailing of each stoke of the brush is captured and the colours are brilliantly reproduced. My prints are produced on heavy paper too so, in some ways, they're even better than the originals that live in my sketchbooks. That was painful to admit - but there you go.