Hiya, I’m Mel, a London based illustrator and the inky hands behind all The Mighty Mindcircus characters.  What’s that name about? The Mighty Mindcircus name came from the flighty, circus-like brain that directs me though life.

As a six year old I was a prolific (unpublished) author, illustrator. Few people know that. And now, after a decade (or three) of experimenting with other creative outlets - ranging from photography to jewellery making, I’m back here - illustrating and writing. Obviously my younger self was no slouch, unlike the 25 year old jeweller me.

Over the last few years I’ve really spent time honing my artistic style - drawing on influences from unbelievable talent such as Beatrix Potter, Oliver Jeffers, Chris Riddell  and obviously the king himself, Sir Quentin Blake. It took a long time to brush up my skills and each painting is still a complete adventure - I have no idea how it will end and I LOVE IT - sorry for shouting. 

A lot of what you will see on my site and social media is available to purchase as a high quality art print. If you would a personalisation or would like to commission / own an original piece just get in touch at info@themightymindcircus.com 

Thanks for coming by.

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